My time at Strala

Sorry there has been a big gap since my last post, things have been moving very quickly for me, and I’ve finally some time to sit down and take stock of everything I have learnt. I’ve moved on from NY and spent a couple of weeks with 2 of my amazing friends –  celebrating my time in NY before we moved on to Miami and Aruba. It was amazing to have them come out to see me and I feel incredibly blessed.

I had the most amazing experience studying with Tara Stiles in New York at the Strala studio and I just wanted to share some of the great things I learnt with you.


Travelling to New York was a huge step for me. I had never travelled alone before I decided to start my epic journey and it took all my courage to take this big step. I completed my first 200 hour teaching training back in the UK with Path4Life and my wonderful teacher Aman. She taught me so much about yoga, my body and understanding myself better. After loosing my mum last year, taking this time to care, nurture and develop myself was exactly what I needed and the people I met on the course were some of the most inspirational and wonderful friends I have ever made. I decided I wanted to take all this learning further and go to NY to take part in the 200 hour training at Strala studios with Tara Stiles. I had been watching her DVD’s and videos on YouTube for a long time, and her easy approach to yoga and space always appealed to me.

Its impossible not to love Tara, she is incredibly grounded and approachable and has an ease with everything she does that’s infectious. There was a real feeling that everyone studying on the course began to let go of their hangups and really developed an ease with themselves and their yoga. The course was so much fun, you hardly feel like you’re studying at all! Some of the main things I learnt from the course I truly feel translate to everyday life, so I really wanted to share them with you.


Be confident in who you are – you’re bloody amazing! 

At Strala is all about creating guides, not teachers. You are there to guide people through a class, and to do that you need to connect with them and create a positive and playful atmosphere. I learnt that the best way to do this is to use the skills you already process and give people the authentic you. When you are authentic people get a much greater understanding of who you are, and this can lead to such amazing things – you just need to be open to it all!

The time is now!

Enjoy everything you do and find the fun and play that comes with this! When you create this element of play and discovery and truly live in the moment you will find the hard things don’t feel so hard after all.

Give yourself space!

When you open up and create space, not only just in your yoga but in everything you do, you’ll find you have so much more room to grow and expand.

A huge thank you to Tara, all the guides at Strala and all my new friends who studied with me for all your time and friendship.

Take care,

Laura x