Finding your practise

It can feel pretty daunting to try and add something new into your routine, whether thats going to the gym, making time to cook or starting a yoga practice – it takes time for things to stick and its very easy to be hard on yourself if you don’t get it right first time around.

Everyone’s routine and yoga practise is individual to them. Practising yoga means listening to your body, making it work for you and taking the time to do something beneficial for yourself. It’s called practise because its never finished; the best teachers are always the ones that continue to learn and develop themselves.

Some days doing your best could mean a solid hour of yoga on your mat followed by a busy schedule that sees you running around like a headless chicken (that’s not a yoga pose by the way…that I’m aware of!) Other days, doing your best means taking 5 minutes for yourself to sit somewhere quite and focus on your breath, watching your inhales and exhales. Something you should never feel guilty for are the days that involve cake, wine and enjoying time with your friends. Yes you might binge watch a series on Netflix (hello Orange is the New Black) but allowing yourself time to do these things is perfect, it can take you away from your ego and give you balance. I’ve certainly learnt this from my first couple of weeks travelling. There is the temptation to do everything, absorb the guidebook and feel guilty when you don’t get to places but right now I am enjoying the slower path, listening to my body and mind and enjoying everything I do. Whether that’s  a full day of yoga while I’m studying, walking around the neighbourhood or visiting the delicious donut shop with new friends!

Your practise today will probably look very different from your practice tomorrow. Variety will mean you continue to develop and it’s important to have days to focus on the aspects of yoga you struggle with, that could be a pose or maybe loosing yourself in meditation. Let yourself have those slow days. Adapt your practise to how you are feeling right now, but no matter where you find yourself; keep practising. Keep going and do what you can to keep the momentum. You could start a yoga diary, track your progress and take note on things like meditation or how your body felt that day. Do the best you can with what today has given you.

To help you along this week I have uploaded my first video in a new series of 10 minute yoga sessions – Warm Up. This is a crucial part to any yoga session and I would always recommend adding it to your practice. I’m looking forward to introducing you to the rest of the series – and I’d love to hear from you if there is a particular area you would enjoy a video on.

Take care,

Laura x