Taking The First Step

‘Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ll admit it, I’m a worrier. I grew up rather anxious and nervous about just near everything. School, exams, new situations, what lurked in the shed. I thought this worry had lessened over time, and a stronger me emerged as I reached my mid-twenties – but fear and worry can be such a bugger, it can appear out of nowhere just when you thought you were merrily skipping along.

Now I’m getting closer to reaching the big 30 and I do wonder, what is the purpose of fear and is it something we should devote more time to overcoming. I know the basis for fear is rooted in a good place; it’s your body’s way of keeping you out of harm after all – but at what point does it become harmful, do we stop ourselves reaching and doing the things we want?


For many, this could be the fear of trying something new. Going to a yoga class for the first time can be very daunting; pushing yourself out of your comfort zone isn’t something we all enjoy! For me I remember having a rather vivid conversation with my mum before my first class about what happens if I trump! She just smiled and told me she’d probably laugh at me! Well that didn’t seem like the worse thing to happen, so I went along! (By the by I kept it in, but we still both had a giggle anyway). I hope if this is a fear for you (starting yoga, not trumping) that I can help you overcome it with this website and the classes I can teach you.

For me it was always the idea of doing big things on my own, no comfort blanket of someone you love there. I never wanted to travel alone. I always wanted to explore the world – but never thought I could be strong enough to make it alone. Now I’m facing that fear head on and doing it. It makes me feel slightly queasy and overwhelmed, but I know it’s going to be one of the best things I ever do for myself.

So this is me taking the first step, flights booked and bag – well nowhere near packed, but it’s my first step. I encourage you to take your first step too with me, if that’s dipping your toe into starting a yoga practise, or even thinking about travelling on your own, then let’s do it together. If we learn to break down our fear step by step we can conquer it.